NEWS: Flore en Ville – de Genève


SCIENTIFIC EVENT: Dynamics of Plant DNA – TIP international conference

14–16 May 2014, Strasbourg, France

Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Adaptation and diversification of succulent plants

Comparative Evolutionary Biology and Systematics

The succulent life form is a tried and true strategy for flowering plants to thrive in arid environments. The adaptation...

Cereal biotechnology research for crop improvement

Plant Biotechnology

Cereals, such as rice and wheat, are important source of food worldwide but they contain very low levels of bioavailable...

Interactions of bacteria with plants


Many bacteria produce small diffusible signal molecules to co-ordinate Expression of particular phenotypic traits, a phe...

Organization of plant populations and communities

Experimental Plant Ecology

Biodiversity – the variety of individuals, populations, species, and ecosystems and the natural processes occurring in...

Plant systematic and biodiversity laboratory

Plant Systematic and Biodiversity

From ecosystems to genes, the lab concentrates on the study of plants and fungi, as well as the biodiversity that they r...

Protein import in choloroplast

Plant Physiology

The Chloroplast is the site of photosynthesis in plants. Most of the chloroplast proteins must be imported from the cyto...

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Flore en Ville: A new publication on the flora of the City of Geneva The fruit of three years of extensive and meticulous inventories, Flore en Ville invites the reader to discover the extraordinary...


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Marché de Printemps 2014

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2nd Plant Genomics Congress

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Dynamics of Plant DNA – TIP international conference