PUBLIC EVENT: Frühlingsfest Botanischer Garten Zürich und Tag der offenen Forschunginstitute

27. April, 11-16h


SCIENTIFIC EVENT: Dynamics of Plant DNA – TIP international conference

14–16 May 2014, Strasbourg, France


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Developmental cell biology of plants

Developmental Cell Biology of Plants

One of our main topics of interest is the study of endodermis as an invariant feature of vascular plants. It fulfils a c...

Evolutionary genomics of plant adaptation and speciation

Plant Evolutionary Genomics

Understanding the genetics of adaptation, reproductive isolation and speciation has always been of great interest to bio...

Greenhouse gas fluxes in forests and agroecosystems

Biosphere–Atmosphere Exchange Processes

My main interest is the quantification of greenhouse gas fluxes of CO2, CH4 and N2O and the surface energy fluxes of div...

Phosphorus and nitrogen (re-)cycling in agro-ecosystems

Plant Nutrition

Globally food demand is increasing while natural resources are shrinking. Human alterations of nutrient cycles are a maj...

Tropical plant biodiversity and biogeography

Tropical Pant Biodiversity and Biogeography

Plant species and assemblages show distinct geographical distribution patterns. In my research I attempt to discern the ...

Volatile-mediated impact of bacteria on plants

Plant-microbe Interactions, Microbiology

Increasing evidence indicates that bacteria can interact with other organisms (e.g. plants or fungi) through the emissio...

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Swiss Parliament approves the Nagoya Protocol and its implementation in the Federal Act on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage The Swiss Parliament has approved the Nagoya Protocol and its implementation in the Federal Act on the Protection of Nature and...

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10.05.2014 09:00 to 16:00

Marché de Printemps 2014

12.05.2014 to 13.05.2014

2nd Plant Genomics Congress

14.05.2014 to 16.05.2014

Dynamics of Plant DNA – TIP international conference